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Frequently Asked Questions

What if you are sick?

Please stay home!!!  

Leave a text or voice message at 505-490-0439.

Snow delays
(or other emergency situations)

Class is cancelled if either LANL or LAPS is on a delay or closed

Your safety is the most important – if it is not safe for you to drive, stay home

What do you wear to a lesson?

  • For both ATM and FI, wear clothes that are comfortable, clothes should not restrict movement. 

  • During an FI you are fully clothed

  • Clothing Items to Avoid:  Jeans that have rivets – they can poke you 

What do you bring to an Awareness Through Movement® lesson?

  • A mat or large towel/blanket (moving blanket is right size but it is heavy to carry).  Please note a Feldenkrais mat is 7 ft long by 4 ft wide.  I sell mats designed for Feldenkrais ATMs and it is light weight to carry.

  • Towel(s) to put under your head (towels are used to make yourself comfortable when lying on your back, side, or stomach).

  • If you come in late, please join quietly 

What do you bring to a Functional Integration lesson?

  • Everything is supplied 

  • Wear clothes that you can easily move in

How long are the lessons? 

   Allow for 1 hour.

  • ATMs are 40 – 55 minutes.  Instructions start promptly at 6:35 am or 11:05 am

  • FIs are 40 - 45 minutes with 5 minutes for talking before and after the actual lesson

Do I take insurance?  

   No, in New Mexico this business is under the umbrella of education not health care.

Who benefits from the Feldenkrais Method?

  • Any person recovering from injury, illness, stroke or neurological problems

  • People struggling with chronic pain and the restrictions it places on their lives

  • Those that want to increased their mobility, flexibility, coordination, balance or gracefulness

  • Curious people looking for more awareness, vitality and well being

  • People who want to improve their performance in athletics, music, or dancing

  • Any age – yes infants can receive FI lessons 

What the Feldenkrias Method is NOT

  • is NOT a Treatment

  • is NOT an Adjustment 

  • is NOT an Exercise Program

  • is NOT a Religion 

   Instead, it is based on decades of research in physics, neuroscience, biomechanics, learning theory, and human development to give you the means to help yourself.

How much pain will you experience in an ATM or FI lesson?  

   You should not experience any more pain then when you walked into the room. 

   During ATM: At the first sensation of increased discomfort or pain you can

  • Do a smaller/slower movement

  • Imagine the movement or

  • Rest

   During FI: At the first sensation of increased discomfort or pain you should

  • Tell the practitioner that it is painful (or discomfort)

   Feldenkrais saying: “Less Pain, More Gain”

How old do you need to be to receive a Feldenkrais lesson?

  • Babies can receive Functional Integration lessons – a parent must be present with younger children

  • A child must be able to follow directions in order to attend Awareness Through Movement lesson – a parent must be present with younger children 

  • 90 year olds benefit from Feldenkrais lessons too - must to be able to lie on a table

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